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Patti Calande
Cut, Stencil, and Hand Stitch
the Alabama Chanin Way
Create your own beautiful, comfortable clothing the Alabama Chanin Way! Patti Calande offers a fresh new take on age-old techniques in this exciting workshop.

Create your garment from scratch using an Alabama Chanin pattern and 100% organic cotton-jersey fabric. You will cut the pieces and spray-stencil both them and a small practice sampler.

Remember, this is slow stitching. Perfect whether you are a novice or expert. Savor it.

You will not complete your project at Camp, but the hands-on experience is key to creating and inspiring a whole new wardrobe.

Your project choices are:

Corset, Shawl, or Swing Skirt from Alabama Stitch Book; T-shirt Top (sleeveless, cap, or short-sleeved) or Fitted Tunic from Alabama Studio Sewing + Design

I’ve always been a maker. As a child, my cousin taught me to sew and my grandmother taught me to crochet. When I discovered Alabama Chanin, I felt an immediate affinity for their techniques, style, and integrity. I became a certified Alabama Chanin Sewing Instructor and now help others discover the wonderful world of hand-stitching heirloom pieces. It’s not only the pleasure of the process but the thoughtful crafting of something beautiful and useful to be enjoyed by the maker now and generations to come, that’s so good for the soul.

“I want to dress women like me, modern women who may not have perfect bodies or stylists to help them make wardrobe choices but who want to make their way through their busy lives with beauty and grace, . . . .”
—Natalie Chanin

You’ll practice hand stitches and techniques on the sampler, then progress to your garment as you explore:

  • the physics of sewing
  • techniques, tips, and tricks of hand stitching; various stitches from basic running stitch to elaborate embroidery
  • beading and couching
  • applique, reverse applique, negative-reverse applique, and quilting
  • garment construction
  • making a stencil of your own