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Natalie Redding
Dye Yarn Like a Pro!
Camp STITCHES - Destination Camp New Mexico 2019

Natalie Redding

Natalie Redding is well-known as an artist, public figure, and SoCal shepherdess. She teaches the Redding Method (her proprietary dyeing methodology and techniques) to people around the globe. Natalie has been the subject of articles in publications such as
Vogue Knitting, Knit N Style, LA Times, Huffington Post, and more. She is also a contributing author to PLY Magazine. Beyond this, Natalie has had her own television series, Shear Madness, and holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Animal Science/Agriculture.

For more about Natalie, go to

Have you wanted to dye yarn like a professional indie dyer but not known where to start? Or, if you’re already a dyer, are you ready to sharpen your techniques, get more consistency, and learn new methods? This fast-paced, action-packed, yarn-dyeing intensive is the workshop for you!

During this concept-oriented class, you’ll learn a variety of techniques using professional Nylomine dyes on protein fibers. The techniques include:

  • perfect single-hue solid, 
  • tonal
  • glazed 
  • gradient,
  • self-striping
  • speckle

We will discuss how dyes work, why yarn weight and composition matter, as well as the idiosyncrasies of variegated yarns. We’ll also touch on patterning and pooling of hand-dyed yarns in a finished project.

Learning to dye yarn like a pro will challenge you and give you lifelong skills. And, you get to leave class with all your beautifully dyed yarns!

Materials fee: $105 includes nine 100g skeins of quality yarn (varying weights and compositions), use of dyes, auxiliaries, and accoutrements including drying apparatus.

You must bring these supplies: 

  • Iwatani 12,000 BTU butane burner with 3 canisters of butane
  • Electric Steamer like the Oster Double Tiered Steamer on Amazon
  • 12-24 quart stainless steel pot

OR if you don’t want to bring any supplies: $160
covers the materials above and SHARED use of Natalie’s equipment.