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Xandy Peters
Fox Paws and More
Camp STITCHES - Destination New Mexico 2019

The Fox Paws pattern—known for its iconic interlocking stripe pattern—begins with the Stacked Stitches Technique.

This innovative approach adds shaping and 3-D texture to garter-stripe fabrics without using short rows. It creates intricate motifs with just increases and decreases, using one color per row so there is no need for bobbins and no stranding on the wrong side of the work.

This workshop enables any level of knitter to try out the stacking technique and to build confidence in making shaped patterns. We will build on the basic stacked stitches as you begin your Fox Paws swatch—working row by row—we will fit the stripes together, trying different approaches for checking your work and fixing problems as they arise. We will even practice weaving in ends as the end of each stripe to save time during finishing.

With at least one repeat of the Fox Paws complete, we will stop to discuss color choices and placement in the stripe patterns.

Additionally, we will consider modifying and creating new patterns, learn formulas for 3 essential motifs, and how to scale them up or down for different stitch counts.

Experimentation is welcome and encouraged! 

Xandy Peters

Xandy Peters is a knitting designer and teacher, best known as the innovator of the stacked-stitch technique and for her Fox Paws pattern. Starting out as a footwear and product designer, Xandy turned to knitting as a way to explore textiles and surfaces without using factory production. She has since made a career out of knitting, publishing new patterns monthly and teaching workshops across the country.

For more about Xandy, go to xandypeters.com.