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Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby
Design it!

This is going to be EPIC. 

We’re turning our most requested classes in design, math, fiber analysis, and finishing into a single course that takes you from the beginning of the design process all the way through weaving in that last end. Over 3 days we share the skills from our design studio that will get you started on the path of designing your own crochet and knit garments. Whether you make clothes for yourself or your family, sell patterns or garments online, or want to become a professional designer—this class is for you.

Bottom line: You will leave this class with a pattern, designed by you, ready for stitching (either crochet or knit). WOOHOO!

We start by selecting the shapes that best fit your body type, then explore draping and how to create a “blank” of your design before you start stitching! Then we add style elements like sleeve length, shaping, neckline, and trim treatments that make it your own.

After plugging your body measurements into our worksheet, we create customized croqui (design templates) to draw and visualize shapes that will flatter your figure.

Next, we switch into detective mode analyzing yarns and fibers to figure out which one will create the perfect fabric for your chosen design. Who else lets you rip apart yarn to discover what it’s made of and why it acts like it does?

Finally, we break down each step of the finishing process from blocking to weaving in ends to flawless seaming. Say goodbye to drudgery; our finishing processes are as much fun as the stitching! Get all the tips to make your project look like it was created by the hands of a pro!

As we work, you will learn elements of designing a pattern in one size such as: • How to take correct body measurements •?How to determine the best shapes and fit for different body types • How to analyze yarn and fibers to create the correct fabric for your design • The basic math needed to calculate stitches and rows per inch and how to make those numbers fit your template • How to turn those numbers into a pattern you can work from to create your final sample

Added bonus: Jason will pass on some of his favorite tips and techniques for photographing your projects with a smart phone or tablet so the world can see what an AMAZING stitcher you’ve become.

Shannon and Jason Mullett-Bowlsby are the DIY design team known as the Shibaguyz. Their enthusiasm, quirky sense of humor, and relatable teaching style have made them sought-after teachers throughout the nation. Shannon’s an award-winning crochet  and knitwear designer and Jason’s a professional fashion and portrait photographer. They live in Seattle, Washington, with their three Shiba Inu who, more or less, support their ventures as long as enough time is taken for walks and treats.

For more information about Shannon and Jason, visit ShibaguyzDesignz.com

Skills required: Must know how to read a written pattern and should have a basic understanding of how a garment is put together.