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“I’m a ‘newbie’ who had only been knitting 6 months. I learned so much from both my instructors and the other attendees. See you in November.” –Theresa Bighash
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Hundreds of knitters know
CAMP STITCHES is the place
for at-your-own-pace, relaxed-but-intensive learning.

A magical location
The ESSEX Resort & Spa

Essex Junction, Vermont

May 31-June 4, 2018

Spend an enchanting weekend exploring lace, Fair Isle, dyeing, knit or crochet garment design, or hand stitching with our stellar line-up.

The Camp STITCHES experience is like no other — a 15-hour class format with plenty of time to bond and share with like-minded fiber folk — where enthusiastic instructors roll up their sleeves to share and explore a fiber craft alongside you.

The fun begins on Thursday evening. Plan to arrive in time for a get-acquainted gathering at 8pm. Classes meet from 9 to 12 and 1 to 4 on Friday and Sunday and from 9 to 12 on Saturday. Saturday afternoon is left open for sightseeing, shopping, or spending more quality time with yarn! We share breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon snacks.

Lily Chin inspires and instructs you to explore Elements of Design: knit and crochet for well-fitting sweaters. Fit, fashion, fun—Lily has you covered.

Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby introduce the simple hand stitching, creative piecing, and universal appeal of the Japanese tradition of mending and quilting in Boro: From Rags to riches — a Camp STITCHES Exclusive.

“With fifteen hours of class time, we can dig deep into the hows and whys of a topic. Camaraderie grows among the students and teachers in the intimate Camp STITCHES setting. It’s not unusual to join an informal group after hours—to chat, enjoy a cocktail, and dine together.”
— Denise

“Camp offers my students (and me!) the luxury of an extended time together, so we can dig deep into our topic — and then play with what we’ve learned. It’s such a joy.”
— Franklin

“With the Camp STITCHES format, we have the ability to do a deep dive into information that we have been dying to share and that our students NEED to know. This is going to be EPIC.”
— Shannon and Jason

“For me, the most pleasant part of camp was the students—varied lives, but all devoted knitters— wanting to learn, wanting to help and encourage each other, and intending to have a good time whatever they were doing; a lovely class. What’s not to like?”
— Anna

Janine Bajus guides you through the yarn rainbow as you pick colors, speed swatch, and Design your own Fair Isle sweater. With a palette of over 200 colors, you can paint a picture to rival any dream.

Franklin Habit reveals keys to understanding, knitting, and designing masterpieces in Lace Unlocked: An odyssey to the heart of the artHeirlooms are an Investment in creativity and effort—come begin yours.

Natalie Redding sets up studio for intensive fiber and color exercises in The Redding Method: Intro to professional yarn dyeing. You'll make luxurious yarns even more luscious with techniques, tools, and tricks used by many indie-dyers.