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Anna Zilboorg
A Splendid knitted vest
A splendid vest of many colors makes the simplest outfit resplendent. It travels anywhere and is unique to the maker. This is a workshop where each participant, using his or her own colors, will make such a vest from twisted traveling stitches worked in strips, embroidered, and knitted one to another.

First we’ll take on twisted traveling stitches. There are a couple of unusual techniques that need learning—twisting and crossing stitches as well as reading unusual charts. This can take a morning, but by afternoon you’ll be working on the first vest strip. (Warning: I’m an old lady; I take a short afternoon nap. Others are welcome to do the same.)

On the second day we’ll start embroidering—trying out colors and stitches on the strip we’re knitting. Lots of decisions need to be made about how the whole vest will come together.

The third day calls for joining strips while knitting as well as exploring a number of finishing details, such as inserting a zipper or making perfect buttonholes. By the time the workshop is over, your vest will be under way and you’ll be competent in new techniques that can inform all your future knitting.
Now an Anglican Solitary living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Anna is the author of Splendid Apparel and Magnificent Mittens and Socks.