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Deborah Jarchow
Rigid-heddle weaving jump-start
Rigid-heddle weaving is an exciting way to play with your stash—transforming the yarns you love into fabrics you’ll cherish.

We will begin by warping our looms, learning easy and efficient methods for direct warping. Then we’ll explore balanced and warp- and weft-faced weave structures, color-and-weave patterns, simple laces, and how to use pick-up sticks. Learn tips to keep your selvedges straight, different ways to finish the ends, and the process for planning your own project.

While working side-by-side with Deborah and fellow students, you’ll build your skills and develop a confident approach to rigid-heddle essentials.

If you are already a weaver, Deborah will help you master techniques to advance your skill level.

If you don’t have a loom, Deborah will provide one for use during class for a
small fee.
After years of teaching knitting and crochet, Deborah discovered weaving, and her love of fiber, texture, and color came together in new and exciting ways. She loves to help other knitters explore weaving.