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Denise Bell
Heritage Shetland shawls: knit from edging to center
In this class you will experience the traditional method of Shetland lace shawl construction: the knitter begins with the outside edging then works to the center square. Daunting? A little. Impressive when completed? Oh, yes.

Your swatch will be knit using 2-ply lace-weight merino supplied by the teacher. Exciting techniques explored in class will include edging-strip knitting, lace patterning on both right-side and wrong-side, and grafting—all in a construction method that is considered the reverse of modern lace.

Upon completion of your class swatch, you’ll have all of the skills required to knit a Shetland lace shawl in the same fashion as those Arthur Anderson gave to Queen Victoria after her coronation, which sparked a craze for the finest lace shawls from Unst, the most northerly island of Shetland.

Students must be skilled at working standard increases and decreases, be proficient at chart reading, and have experience with lace-weight yarn.
Wherever Denise looks she see patterns, so it is no surprise that her knitting emphasis is lace. Her business, Lost City Knits, offers fine, hand-dyed yarns and original designs.