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How to Register:

1) Look through the classes and special events by clicking on the "Registration" link on the top of the event page. You can look at the descriptions by clicking on the title of a class.

2) When you find a class or event you want, click the Add button on top of the decryption page or the right side of the list page.

3) Finish making your selections and click the "Checkout" link on the upper righthand corner of the page. Important: after entering your credit card information you will receive a summary of your order, you need to click the button at the bottom of the page to complete the order and secure your spot in the classes.

A few other hints:
* When your order is complete and you have a receipt, you will no longer have any items in your shopping cart. You can view your selections by clicking on either "Login" or "Account" (if you are already logged in) in the upper right hand corner of the knittinguniverse website. There you will see a list of your orders. Click on the magnifying glass behind the order you wish to view.

* So that you can get the most out of the class, we suggest that you be aware of and adhere to the skill levels listed for each class. You will find the level suggested by the teacher on left hand side of each class description.
No Skill required: Classes with this skill level will teach you everything that you need to know to successfully participate.
Basic: If this is the skill level indicated, you need to know the basic stitches for either knitting (knit and purl) if it is a knitting class or crocheting (single and double crochet) if it is a crochet class.
Easy: For this level, you should know the basic stitches (from the level above), and how to increase and decrease. You also have completed at least one project.
Intermediate: If you have worked a few stitch patterns and are familiar with basic garment shaping, you would be ready f or an intermediate level class.
Advanced: This level is for knitters who enjoy a challenge and who are willing to think about their knitting. To take an advanced class, you should have made several garments in various stitch patterns, and you need to be comfortable making minor changes to patterns.

* Take note of materials fees listed for some of the classes. These fees are in addition to the class fee and paid directly to the teacher.

* Although you will be able to see the classes and the descriptions prior to the opening of registration, the "add" buttons will not appear until 9 am central time on the opening day of registration.

* You can only reserve one spot in a class on each registration. If you want to register for more than one person, you will need to complete the first registration, log out of the system, and then log in (using their user id and password) or create a new log in for them. You can then proceed chose their classes. Note: if you log out and and log back in using your own password, the system will think you have created two orders and combine them (no matter what you put in the badge area). This is why you need two log ins.

If you still have questions or problems registering, you can check out our Help Link in the upper right hand corner of the class page (you may find the answer there). If you don't find what you need there, you can call 800-237-7099 or email stitchesregistration@xrx-inc.com.