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Days are getting shorter, darker, cooler. And nothing can chase the blues quicker than needles and yarn. Ask any knitter. There are times when a simple project frees us to ponder more pressing matters; at other times, a pattern engages us so thoroughly that we concentrate on it rather than other concerns. This issue gives you both—projects that come together quickly and others that take time—and each will provide plenty of gratification.
Knitter's has your collared
Reds rounds & ridges stacks 3 yarns in stockinette and reverse stockinette rings. It’s so light weight it can top your jacket or coat, or tuck inside as a cozy cowl.
Our cover
Staying on top
Emerald blocks
Aztec Plaid
Lace layers
Cover sweater Autumn delight and its companion men’s pullover Woodsman are both feature raglan cable.
Round-yoke cardigans offer adventures with cables, Fair Isle, or simple stripes.

Cables in camel
means business with a
sideways knit
yoke, and
by skinny ribs.
Create a jacket based on the Master Pattern from the new book Custom Knit Jackets.
Colors change places in each section.
2 jacket lengths plus a
matching cowl, are worked
In Spirals & seams, we turn Berroco‘s I-cord yarn, Link, into a hat and scarf—without the use of knitting needles!

Then we made our own I-cord yarn for Spirals & scribbles.
Explore making your own I-cord­—yards of it—and knitting great scarves with 10 or fewer stitches per row.
Knitting Universe
From the Editor
His first piece of property, purchased right out of high school, was the beginning of a successful real estate career. Her love of art turned into a thriving oriental rug and yarn business. When their attorney son joined the family enterprise as salesman-in-chief, he brought along his musician wife with a great eye for color. Even their grandson would figure in the family business as Cascade Yarns’ favorite model. Meet the Dunbabin family of Mercer Island…
K104 • Fall 2011