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Texture and Form
Playing with knits and purls offers the ability to create the fabrics and shapes that you love. Mix in a few clever ideas—beads, lace, or I-cord—and you are on the road to creating stunning pieces. Simple stitches, cool ideas, and amazing yarns result in a bevy of projects worthy of your time.

Round and rounds
The I-cord designs from last issue inspired two great accessories that are both versatile and wardrobe-worthy. Take those moments one spends waiting for an appointment, on line, or riding to and fro and work up 1 long length of I-cord and 5 I-cord rings. Then assemble them into the Woven cowl, designed to be worn around your neck, but just as effective as an ear warmer.
Take advantage of a great I-cord yarn by sewing it into spiral rounds for a shaped tube. The Hourglass wrap can be worn as a draped cowl, an asymmetric shoulder wrap, a sleek 2- layer wrap, or a hood. It is perfectly reversible and ever so cozy.

Geometry lessons
A little intarsia play results in a 3-Diamond scarf—an argyle with plenty of attitude. Diamonds don’t suit your style? Hexagons knit one at a time make up a Slice of orange. This modular cape is a fun and portable knit.
Betsy Hershberg knits with beads. Actually, she knits exquisite beaded jewelry sold at boutiques and galleries. In the Knitting Universe, she talks with Alexis Xenakis about her book Betsy Beads, creativity, and encouraging knitters to use their left brain. You can create her Ruffled ascot by stringing beads onto your yarn and knitting them into your work. 
Another option is to add beads with a crochet hook as you knit. A grape-colored kerchief is luxurious with Heart in heart motifs in eyelets and beads. Or you may choose to forgo beads altogether. The Loops and eyes triangle begins short of the point and is elegantly appointed with mesh border, multi-stitch clusters, eyelets, and a playful openwork ruffle. 

Wild & wooly
Channel your wild side—if you dare—and opt for a Biker jacket with asymmetrical closure, front pockets, welting, and a back panel ready for a simple embellishment or patch.  

Lacy Afternoons
For the office you can go with lace stitches that are graphically pleasing. The Office grid with its mesh fabric and contrasting striped borders has clean lines. Amber waves perforates a twisted rib with zigzag lace. Acapulco and old lace is succulent in its soft coral color and all-over lace. These great jackets offer a classic look with the individuality that only hand knitting can provide.

...and evenings

After dark, you can opt for classic jacket shaping with a little extra—special effect yarns—at the collar and cuffs of the Ruffles and purls and Night moods.
Try a more delicate approach. White hot shell features hints of sparkle in the leafy lace pattern and the Gray filigree places elegant bead accents along the shaped panels for evening glitz.

Comfort options

A more relaxed approach offers Gray convertible with a hint of openwork and a matching cowl, for dressing with options. Layer the Boxed steps vest over a tee, turtle, or blouse for textural interest.

Ripples, waves, and echoes
Decreases and increases strategically paired and placed can create ripples or waves within the body of a garment, with the bonus of shaped hemlines. We offer both. Make waves in a quartz-colored, ripple-stitch top made in a luxurious chainette yarn, or create a Ripple effect with 3-row stripes worked in two colors. This vest is perfect with its flashes of color accents placed within the yarns. On a chilly night, dress up in Pomegranate shells, a raglan with a deep cowl and scalloped borders.
Mahogany miters play with paired decreases and knitting in different directions. A little color contrast and eyelet accents make for a pleasant knit with a shaped hemline. 
No matter your lifestyle or interests, this collection of knits is a great play of color, texture, shape, and form.
Rick Mondragon