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The Skirt Issue
Handknit skirts have been transformed. No longer just supporting players in the wardrobe of life, here they take top billing. Otherwise, why bother?

Think a skirt is just too much knitting? Surprise: A skirt is actually less knitting than most sweaters. And if you think a skirt might be a boring knit, take a look, they aren't!

Our designers think today‚Äôs handknit skirt is fabulous: memorable to wear, fun to knit, and a soon-to-be-essential part of travel, play, and daily wear.  

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The My Heart Pillow pattern created by Kirstin Muench of Muench Yarns, and Marilyn Turner, from adapted pillows given to breast cancer patients in Germany. Placed under an arm, it lends just enough support and space to add comfort while lying down, sitting, and even walking.
Have you ever knit a skirt? Intrigued? Visit our Gallery Images (above)

Whether you choose to work in the round, in pieces, or in panels, a skirt is less fussy to knit than are most sweaters. This issue features many different silhouettes constructed in a variety of ways: in one piece or in multiple pieces, panels, bands, or sections. You will find some easy approaches, a few that require a bit more skill, and a couple that use specialized techniques.

Welcome to the SKIRT ISSUE.
Why Skirts?
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