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Navajo plying is an ingenious technique in which the yarn is tripled back on itself as it is pulled from a single yarn source. Unlike other plied yarns where each ply comes from a different source of yarn, Navajo-plied yarn is composed of just one yarn. For spinners, the triple strands fed into their spindle or wheel create a plied yarn with a distinctive twist. For knitters, let’s keep it simple and just knit. There are advantages: it is very portable, and the yarn is plied as needed directly from the ball without the use of a wheel, bobbin, or swift. Less processing means you can start knitting sooner and there is less stress on the yarn. And when the piece is finished any remaining yarn is still in its original condition, keeping future options wide open.

We celebrate the top! Yes: the shell, tank, tee, pullover, or whatever you prefer to call it.

Spring offers warming temperatures for most of us, so the sweaters we wear and knit are lighter weight than those we make for the colder seasons, and often have short, cap, or no sleeves. These knits are meant to be made and worn right away—and to last.
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