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Easy dressing can begin with knits, which means knitters are ahead in the game of creating seasonal ensembles with personality.

Pair yarns for modern and fresh designs. Craft classic silhouettes into unique knits with color and stitch combinations. And renew your interest in raglans with special details and accents.

Two strands worked as one in Cables & saddles make the best of 2 hand-dyed yarns and 2 fibers?—?silk and wool. You construct a saddle-shoulder sweater with cable-and-rib accents. The play of sheer and solid stripes is an adventure in increases and decreases to create Diagonal ribbons. Here an extremely fine yarn makes the alternate bands of sock yarn seem to defy gravity. All ears will keep everyone in smiles as they help you stand out in a crowd while keeping warm. The knitting and shaping is simple and a little seaming adds the furry ears. It doesn’t hurt that these hats will keep you warm when the temperatures approach freezing. 

How about some raglan knits?
Our Forest hoodie and Eggplant tunic are more examples of yarn combinations that work. A marled-yarn jacket is finished off with contrasting, lightly felted, elbow patches and pockets. And the tunic works 2 yarns together into a textured stitch for a layer with gradual raglan shaping that is almost indiscernible.

Shaping is easy in the Square fare?—?a small poncho made from the neck down and worked in 4 colors. The patterning was inspired by gingham, but is not meant to duplicate the look. Glimmers in rust stripes a pair of hand-dyed-to-match yarns into a classic shape with lace motifs and ¾-length sleeves.

Go Lush & lacy with mink yarn. The upside-down raglan shaping ends at the underarms as usual; additional shaping creates the trapeze silhouette. Because it is knit from the neck down, you can decide on the length best suited for you before you bind off. 

Red line your way to success in an asymmetrical-zip raglan. Striped banding at the hem and a little contour at the waist join the contrasting zipper inserted along one of the raglan seams. 

Or be a little daring with Street-smart stripes. Our cover features a playful raglan and cowl. Wrap yourself in bold brights that rival graffiti on any wall. The play of stockinette and reverse stockinette panels show off the color repeat of the yarn to distinct advantage. 

Blue notes
No need to sing the blues when you can create and wear sweaters as luscious asGlacier lake. The soft-as-can-be bulky yarn is perfect for the round yoke design shaped by multiple paired decreases in a row. Your favorite guy will be a Triple threat with three different stitch patterns that create playful stripe combos, textured columns, and a great yoke design. Cirque jacket takes its color inspiration from the Cirque du Soleil tents and its silhouette from the Carnivale twin set in Laura Bryant’s Artful Color, Mindful Knits book. Combine it with the ensemble from the book for a 3-piece suit that is too chic for any boardroom.

Silver linings
Pay homage to the 50s. Pewter pair is ready to go day or night?—?all you add is jeans, dressy slacks, or a skirt, and maybe a bracelet or a stellar pair of earrings. 

Ivory leaves plays stockinette against reverse stockinette in sculpted columns of interlocking leaves. It’s a classic cardigan shape with modern appeal. The power ofCareer checks lies in the houndstooth pattern. Black and white fabric boasts added texture, and the loop trim at the center front offers a designer touch. 

Red rovers
Turn up the heat with a couple of exciting shawls. Garter to go places 2 rows of eyelets within 12 rows of garter, and since it starts with just 2 stitches and grows to size, you can easily customize it to meet your needs. Or place pennant Points on the curve. The play of shapes, colors, and I-cord trims make this a true attention grabber.  

Ripple ridges add excitement to a lace vest. The pattern makes the best of hand-dyed yarn, offering movement along the zigzagging shapes. Texture abounds in the solid-colored Tribal jacket, accented with mosaic sleeves. It would be at home in any wardrobe, as would the lightweight but warm Red & wine. This sleek silhouette jacket is perfectly appointed with elegant mosaic neck border and cuffs. 

Love color, technique, style, or fashion? This collection of knits should keep you happily knitting and dressing throughout the seasons. We can confidently say, “We’ve got you covered!”