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Rick Mondragon,
As summer fades, the green landscape gives way to layers of gold, bronze, orange, and brown. We look out to the horizon and find spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Trees begin to bare their branches as we tend to dress warmer, covering our bodies with longer sleeves, pants instead of shorts, and even added layers.

Be bold

Let’s borrow hues from the landscape and from the harvest of the season.

Spark up your wardrobe with Autumn sunset. The interesting stripe sequence is fun to create as you mix 4 yarns—in 3 weights—in this quick-to-knit jacket. The single button and set-in pockets make it practical with plenty of comfort.

You might choose to work moss stitch into stripes for a quiet texture, then add punch with Outlines in a fuzzy yarn. This is a stunner, and the cropped-jacket style is very versatile. Or you might choose Fair Isle techniques to work color into a jacket. A simple 2x2 repeat is highlighted with garter-ridge accents and color changes that create a pattern reminiscent of colorful Bamboo bars, aligned and standing at attention. We offer 3 color options.

Get down to business in a knit suit. Start with Tailored tiles at the edge of an open-front jacket. Its clean lines pair perfectly with those of the City skirt. This is power dressing created by hand, with custom sizing and polished style.

Not just black and white!

Let’s start simply! Who doesn’t want a comfy sweater in a neutral color combo, made in a luscious fiber? Pick a pullover with a wide neckline, slightly curved hem, oversized fit, and
Fault lines and sleeves in a contrasting color. The heather grays will rival any sweatshirt you own.

Envelop yourself in our cover piece. Textured stitches accent the bold black and white stripes in Soda & Ash. Generously proportioned as a ruana, but seamed like a vest, it also features an added shawl collar—you’ll ward off the cold in style. Take the challenge in creating the Nomad Jacket. This graphic knit isn’t as daunting as one would imagine. Intarsia, a hint of cables, and double-moss front facings make it a memorable knitting experience. Our cartoon drawings and stitch bars will assist you as you proceed. Whichever piece you choose, you’ll collect accolades for your knitting skills and fashion savvy.

Time and place?

Inspired by Greek togas, Alpha/Beta make their appearance. One simple silhouette—two spectacular looks in diversely different yarns—will turn heads at any event. The
modular construction offers options for lace and for color blocking.

Celebrate the influence of our southern neighbors with Turquoise Trails. The play of light
and shadow in slip-stitch mosaic—along with pairings of variegated and solid yarns—
will keep your attention sharp as the colors and diamond textures fade in and out of the pattern. The Southwest Duo plays with a striping found in hand-woven serapes. They are perfect for everyday dressing on their own, but absolutely shine as a duo.


The silhouette of Brushstrokes balances perfectly with the bands of color created by the yarn. The shirt-tail hem, U-turn ribbed border, open neckline, and ribbed collar are updated classic details. The look may be familiar, as it was featured in the STITCHES West 2016 Designer Challenge and in an article in our Spring issue.

Vests offer plenty of styling options, and boxy shapes offer opportunities to work graceful stitch patterns with stacking-color yarns. Sand Mesa marks the return of the poncho, but with refined proportions. It offers versatility—leave the sides open, belt it, or add buttons (try cufflink buttons!) to turn it into a pullover vest.
Black hills forms striations of color in a wave pattern. It’s an opportunity to practice working multiple-stitch increases and both right- and left-leaning decreases within a single row. Old Shale never looked so good, thanks to the yarn!

Cuddle up!

Accessories always make a statement! We use multicolored yarns to add punch to our selections. Saffron & steel starts humbly with a 3-stitch garter strip, then expands to an elegant, 3-panel shawl brimming with a variety of shaping techniques. It will captivate you from the cast-on, through the ripple pattern, and on to the exaggerated zigzag bind-off. The sizing is perfect for a wrap or a scarf.  

Let your needles dance through an elaborate stitch pattern for this delicate looking mini-poncho with a cable-and-rib turtleneck. The soft colors within the yarn flow through the pattern like Magical notes in a musical composition. Or go for a more laid-back look in Bonfire. From its classic silhouette, with zigzag lace and flame motif, to its generous turtleneck, the colors flow to create a look as warm as any campfire.  

Grab your needles and yarn, and set aside some time to knit and create. Fall is a great time for knitwear…and knitting…and color!

Keeping warm while looking cool is easy! Enjoy!