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Knit One Below introduces a new and exciting way for knitters to combine colors, weights, fibers, and types of yarn into versatile fabrics. The technique alternates one simple action, working into the stitch one row below the stitch on the needle, with a knit or a purl.
Mix multi colors with ease with k1b Work one color per row with k1b Create reversible fabrics with k1b Combine textures with k1b Add cables and intarsia with k1b Transform stash into style with k1b Tame curling edges with k1b From head and shoulder to sleeve and toe, build your wardrobe with Knit One Below.
35+ projects for the entire family • simple shapes • minimal finishing
Elise Duvekot’s 10-year exploration of k1b started with a challenge: how to re-stack a stacking yarn in a sock. The solution has evolved into the range of fabrics and garment designs that fill this book. Her esthetic combines a modern sense of color, design, and practicality with an Old World respect for craftsmanship. Elise divides her time between Canada and The Netherlands as she continues the k1b adventure.