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Quilt Adventure

STITCHES Midwest 2018




August 2-5, 2018

Take a Trip Around the World in Folk Art Stitches
with Catherine Redford

"Mankind is born with an innate urge to create. We all feel the need to be makers. I am a stitcher. I find terrific satisfaction in all forms of stitching. Each of these hand embroidery pieces is inspired by the folk art of different peoples from around the globe.”

This series of 10 small quilts contains more than 30 embroideries and will be on display August 3–5 in the Market Playground.

Catherine will host a walking tour at 12:30 pm on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.
Don’t miss out!

Wild creatures of India
32 x 33
The folk art of India is intricate and richly imaginative. It is a part of everyone’s life with a history as ancient and diverse as the nation itself. I have chosen a crocodile, an elephant, and a peacock to reproduce in stitches.

In the Jungle
36 x 38
Embroideries of Mayan hieroglyphs are mounted in a verdant green setting under the watchful eyes of a pair of Toucans.

A taste of Europe
32 x 34
Europe is known for its exuberant and whimsical stylized designs of folk art. Set in a collection of contemporary fabrics inspired by Swiss floral motifs, the embroideries include traditional Scandinavian birds and flowers, a Hungarian squirrel, and an Austrian bird painted on an 18th-century wine jug.

Trip around Australia
36 x 36
A scrappy variation of the traditional Trip Around the World quilt made using fabrics representing the land, flora, fauna, and customs of Australia that are designed in bright and vibrant colors by today's Aboriginal artists.

Variations on a Pot
30 x 27
Prehistoric burial mounds of early Native Americans in the Mississippi valley region yield pottery with engraved and painted designs. I used these artifacts as inspiration for my series of three pots. 

Renaissance Schaumburg Convention
Center & Hotel • Schaumburg, IL

Coming Soon… We’ll have more in the STITCHES Midwest Quilt Adventure series. Please check back.

The tactile nature of the medium and theme of the quilts holds universal appeal.

What happens when quilters from all over the world use the same fabric, same colors, and same inspiration? In the case of the Van Gogh Challenge, the answer is 465 small quilts and a jaw-dropping collection of fiber art!

See a sampling of the Van Gogh quilts in the Market Playground August 3–5.

Then join Karla on Saturday, August 4 at 12:30 for a free slide presentation: Follow the journey of 200 of the quilts from Cherrywood's studio in Brainerd, Minnesota, to New York City, Australia, and France. 

The Alliance was formed in 1993 to encourage art quilters and garment artists; currently there are approximately 120 members in the suburban Chicago group.

Sunset on water, an illuminated manuscript, fireflies at night, a rose window, the solar eclipse, a computer motherboard, an Edward Hopper painting—wonder what these have in common? They are among the diverse images that inspired the 21 art quilts in Illumination, the Professional Art Quilt Alliance 2018 challenge.

PAQA members interpreted the idea of illumination using many techniques; fabric was pieced, painted, printed, dyed, beaded, quilted, stitched, layered, appliqued, and needle felted.

See all the quilts on display in the STITCHES Market August 3–5.