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Quilt Adventure

STITCHES United 2018


March 23-25, 2018 • Hartford, CT

Take a Trip Around the World in Folk Art Stitches
with Catherine Redford

Mankind is born with an innate urge to create. We all feel the need to be makers. I am a stitcher. I find terrific satisfaction in all forms of stitching. Each of these hand embroidery pieces is inspired by the folk art of different peoples from around the globe. This series of 10 small quilts contains more than 30 embroideries and will be on display at STITCHES United in Hartford, CT from March 23–25.

I will be giving a talk about this 
exhibit at 12:30 pm in the STITCHES United Market Playground on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. Don’t miss out!

Wild creatures of India
32 x 33
The folk art of India is intricate and richly imaginative. It is a part of everyone’s life with a history as ancient and diverse as the nation itself. I have chosen a crocodile, an elephant, and a peacock to reproduce in stitches.

In the Jungle
36 x 38
Embroideries of Mayan hieroglyphs are mounted in a verdant green setting under the watchful eyes of a pair of Toucans.

A taste of Europe
32 x 34
Europe is known for its exuberant and whimsical stylized designs of folk art. Set in a collection of contemporary fabrics inspired by Swiss floral motifs, the embroideries include traditional Scandinavian birds and flowers, a Hungarian squirrel, and an Austrian bird painted on an 18th-century wine jug.

Trip around Australia
36 x 36
A scrappy variation of the traditional Trip Around the World quilt made using fabrics representing the land, flora, fauna, and customs of Australia that are designed in bright and vibrant colors by today's Aboriginal artists.

Variations on a Pot
30 x 27
Prehistoric burial mounds of early Native Americans in the Mississippi valley region yield pottery with engraved and painted designs. I used these artifacts as inspiration for my series of three pots. 

Travel down
the Farmington
River without
getting your
feet wet!

25 quilts portray
25 scenic locations of
the Farmington River

The Farmington River Quilt Project

When Winchester Center quilter MaryPat Leger saw the Sacramento River Quilt, she imagined a similar project celebrating the Farmington River in Connecticut. Her inspiration brought 24 quilt artists together to create The Farmington River Quilt Project, a 50-foot-long quilt made in 25 sections. Each quilter worked independently to depict a specific location. Now The Farmington River Quilt flows from Goodwin Dam in Colebrook, CT to the Rainbow City Pool in Canton, CT. 

See these beautiful quilts on display in the STITCHES United Market on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. You'll be inspired!

Exhibit and Walking
Tour with Michelle Hiatt

12 modern takes on traditional quilt designs

Don’t know Flying Geese from Storm at Sea or Snail’s Trail from Lemoyne Star? No worries! You don’t even need to know how to thread a needle to appreciate the quilts showcased in the Market. Michelle Hiatt brings energy, enthusiasm, and expertise to her quilting: the colors dance, the patterns read clearly, and the points all match!

See these beautiful quilts in the STITCHES United Market on FridaySaturday, & Sunday. If you can, join Michelle on Friday and Saturday at 1pm as she guides you around these colorful blocks, sharing her insight and process.

The very best from 4 local quilt guilds

Guilds are a big part of any quilting community. Four local guilds—
Connecticut Piecemakers Quilt Guild, Farmington Valley Quilt Guild, The Greater Hartford Quilt Guild, and Southford Falls Quilt Guild— bring exhibits, demos, and quilts to the Market.

Take a chance or two! Purchase  raffle tickets—the proceeds will be shared with the community—so everyone wins.