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Quilts Plus - The Adventure



An unexpected take on street art—yarn bombing!

Latifah Saafir is known as a maker of bold and innovative quilts. Combining training as an engineer with a lifelong passion for sewing, Latifah creates graphic and contemporary designs that feature challenging techniques with a meticulous attention to detail.

A co-founder of both the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild and the Modern Quilt Guild, Latifah currently teaches workshops for guilds around the world.

This happy little art quilt challenge was inspired by
American painter Bob Ross.
The creator and host of PBS' The Art of Painting encouraged everyone to pick up a brush!

75 quilts selected from
404 entries from all
over the world.

Meet London Kaye Saturday 12:30pm in Booth 602 Wildfiber Studio

Meet Vickie Howell Saturday 2:00pm in Booth 127 Yarnover Truck and Sunday 12:00pm in Booth 503 Jimmy Beans 

Crochet with London Kaye DEMO: Saturday 1:30pm to 2:30pm in The Playground

MAKE & TAKE with Vickie Howell: Saturday 1:00pm to 2:00pm and Sunday 11:00am to 12:00pm, both in The Playground

The street art scene in Brooklyn inspired my work and laid the foundation for developing a new type of street art that didn’t hurt the environment. 

‘Soft graffiti’ is the term I like to use.

I began using chain-link fences as my canvas and layered shapes on top of one another to create an even larger picture. . .  Yarn bombing has become my full-time job. A mix of hard work, determination, luck, and a whole lot of yarn has led me on this incredible journey.

I love seeing people walk down the street and encounter my work. My art brightens their day, and their joy brightens mine.

—Crochet with London Kaye

Picking up needles and yarn has been transformative for me. It gave me an occupation while I was on bedrest, empowered me through a child’s chronic illness, and provided a career when I needed it most . . .  What I can do is show the gratitude I feel for those gifts.

For me, you see, life is about showing up — for who and what you love. My way of doing that is by nurturing creativity and encouraging the global knitting community through communication (podcasts, social media, TV series), using yarn as my conduit.

Vickie Howell, The Knit Vibe


Meet Latifah and check out her latest fabrics, patterns, and tools in the Latifah Saafir Studio Booth 218.

Cherrywood Fabrics can be found for sale in Artisan Space Booth (booth 311).