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Although STITCHES is a family-friendly event, classes, presentations, and evening events are limited to ages 8 and above for everyone's enjoyment.

Please note:
We always make an effort to give you the best price based on what you select to purchase. If you are put on a waiting list for a class, you ARE NOT CHARGED for these items until we can ensure you a spot in your selected class choice and inform you of the opening.

Also, please understand that we DO charge your credit card upon processing your registration.

April 27–30, 2017
Connecticut Convention Center
Hartford, CT

90-minute classes are priced as either $15 for lecture/demo classes or $40 for actual 'hands on classes'. These prices  will NOT increase after the Early Bird deadline, but they will also NOT be factored into the hour count when purchasing multiple classes/hours (as per the class hour schedule above).

We are not offering 'The Works' or 'Almost The Works' packages at STITCHES United 2017. We have, instead, reduced fees on events and built in savings for classes to make your participation the best deal for you.