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Dear Crafters,

There was a time when our family business was a local yarn shop in Sioux Falls, SD. My folks were in love with weaving, knitting, crochet, needlepoint, sewing, embroidery, tatting, bobbin lace—anything that involved fiber, yarn, thread, and fabric. My earliest memories are of them always working with their hands.

I was lucky: I grew up with people who were inspired by trying new things. And they made a living sharing that passion and creativity with others—first in the shop, later reaching a wider audience through publications.

Then 25 years ago, my folks had a vision—not ju­­­st books and magazines, but a place where the inspiration and excitement of the fiber arts could be shared with the world. And so, at a racetrack in Cherry Hill, NJ, in September of 1991, STITCHES was born.

Not everyone thought it was a great idea. But they 'kept the faith.’ The vision turned into reality—four large knit & crochet consumer shows are held each year, drawing people from all over the world—STITCHES Expos.

The world has changed a lot since that first event. But the power of craft and creativity has grown and become more important now than ever. Today in our office, we see people who are inspired by both yarn and fabric.

That has us thinking . . . how many others out there shop—and make—the way we do?

For three years we did the research. We talked to our customers. We talked to yarn shops. We talked to quilting and sewing shop owners and employees. We talked to people who sell in many verticals and markets. We wanted to understand the crossover and interests in other markets.

We found that many of you are multi-crafters—not defined by one craft or even by one medium. And so, to best serve your creative appetites, STITCHES United was born—an additional, expanded show with stimulating classes and shopping for ALL— knitters, crocheters, weavers, AND sewers, quilters, and others interested in all things yarn AND fabric.

Now is a time for exploring possibilities, for a broadening of creative collaboration and expression. A time for a new show celebrating what I remember—all the work we do with our hands.

Join us this spring in Hartford, CT.

United, we’ll make history again!

All my best.

Benjamin Levisay
XRX, Inc. — STITCHES Events, Knitter's Magazine, & XRX Books

What is STITCHES United?
STITCHES United is a


APRIL 27–30, 2017

Connecticut Convention Center  •  Harford, CT
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