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Whether you're at the show or at home watching what's happening, we've got you covered with at least one of your favorite social media sites.

We've done our best to give you options for your computer, tablet, or mobile device. We hope you enjoy the show (virtually or otherwise).

The hashtag for this show is #STITCHESUnited on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.
Use #STITCHESHaul when you show the world what you bought at the show.

Connecticut Convention Center & Marriott Hartford Downtown

Hartford, CT • March 26-29, 2020

STITCHES United 2020 Social Media Resources

There will be a lot of people talking about the show on Twitter. You can follow our company account @STITCHES_Events.

If you want to follow what everyone is saying about STITCHES United 2020, the easiest thing to do is to follow our hashtag: #STITCHESUnited.

We'd also ask that if you tweet from or about the show that you please remember to use the #STITCHESUnited hashtag in your tweets. And use #STITCHESHaul when you show the world the treasures you found in the STITCHES Market.

We'll be putting a lot of pictures of the Market as well as classes and our events on our Facebook page. If you're a social media voyeur, this is where you want to check up on the show.

Find and like our Knitting Universe Facebook page as it will be our social media hub for the show. This is where you'll find larger collections of images from our events. If you haven't 'Liked' us yet on Facebook, now is the time to do so.

If you see something on our Facebook page, please don't be afraid to make a comment or ask a question. We'll do our best to follow-up with you as time allows.

We'll be tagging our vendors, sponsors, and teachers when possible... and we encourage you to 'Like' those Facebook pages as well.

Please use and search for #STITCHESUnited on Facebook.

We have a wonderful group on Ravelry that really has the inside scoop on what's happening. If you aren't on Ravelry you should be. And if you haven't found and joined our group... what's taking you so long (smile)?

Once you join the STITCHES United 2020 Ravelry group, you'll have access to a lot of information and resources. We especially recommend checking out the STITCHES United 2020 Vendor Preview thread
and Erin McCandlis' cool Market Map (when those threads become avaliable). 

Instagram is something that we're doing more and more. Why? Because you do and it's great!

Lots of our attendees post pictures to their Instagram accounts at the show. Please use (or search for) the #STITCHESUnited hashtag from your phone to see the posts. And you can use #STITCHESHaul to show the world what you purchased in the STITCHES Market.

And please follow our @stitchesevents account on Instagram.
Please feel free to take and share this graphic as you wish!
and remember... #STITCHESUnited
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Our STITCHES Events Tumblr account has given us a new opportunity to highlight some of the 'fun' and 'cool' happenings in the STITCHES world.

You should expect to see some posts from #STITCHESUnited on our Tumblr blog throughout and after the event.

Please follow us and share as you see fit.