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Deborah Jarchow


Robyn Chachula lovelaughcrochet.com robyn@crochetbyfaye.com

Alasdair Post-Quinn

double-knitting.com fallingblox@double-knitting.com

Beth Brown-Reinsel

KnittingTraditions.com Beth@KnittingTraditions.com

Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby

Shibaguyz.com NA

Patty Lyons

pattylyons.com info@pattylyons.com

Note from Patty: As a small way to say "sorry I missed you", please email me at info@pattylyons.com and let me know what class you were in and I'll send you a 25% off coupon code to my newest video sweater class. At least you can join in on a knitting group through Ravelry, learn a lot, make a great sweater, and every maybe, make a few new friends.

Susan Lazear

cochenille.com susan@cochenille.com

Xandy Peters

xandypeters.com NA

Olgalyn Jolly

ojolly.net hello@ojolly.net

Sarah Peasley

sarahpeasley.com sarah@sarahpeasley.com
JC Briar jcbriar.com messages through:

Ellen Minard

ellenshalfpintfarm.com ellenshalfpintfarm@gmail.com

Cal Patch

calpatch.com cal@calpatch.com

Yvonne Tate

voncrobead.com iteachcrochet@voncrobead.com

Jolie Elder

jolieaelder.blogspot.com NA

Heavenly Bresser

heavenlyknitchet.com info@heavenlyknitchet.com

Lorilee Beltman

https://facebook.com/LorileeBeltmanKnittingEnabler/ NA

Catherine Redford

catherineredford.com catherine@catherineredford.com
Anna Zilboorg https://ravelry.com/patterns/sources/anna-zilboorg-patterns/patterns NA
Pamela Legget pamelaspatterns.com pamela@pamelaspatterns.com
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