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Lush & Lacy Trapeze
An improved complete version of Lush & Lacy Trapeze from the Fall issue of Knitter's Magazine K112.

My Heart pillow
Make a pillow that can be placed under an arm to give lumpectomy and radiation patients just enough support and space to add comfort while lying down, sitting, and even walking! Lend some comfort to all those battling breast cancer.

Overlapping pennants
The scarf pattern was designed by Knitter's Magazine editor, Rick Mondragon And the beautiful yarn is Cascade Souk in 13 Forest and 11 Jewels. Go for it, it's easy to knit.

Trading Christmas Scarf
Rick Mondragon, editor of "Knitter's Magazine", designed this fun and colorful scarf for Debbie Macomber's latest Hallmark Channel movie "Trading Christmas".

It only takes a couple of evenings to create and makes a beautiful holiday gift or final touch for your winter coat.

Artful Color Mindful Knits - Bloomin' Bag
Felting hand-dyed yarn softens the colors and blurs the stripes. This bag is punctuated by novelty yarns that won't felt, highlighting the textural difference in a playful way.
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