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Friday 02/24/2012, 10:30 am - 11:30 am

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Kellie Nuss

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Look, No Double Points with Kellie Nuss
Come and learn the two popular ways of using long circular needles to knit on small circumferences, such as socks, sleeves, baby hats, and the like. You’ll never have to use double points again unless you want to! The first method uses two 24-inch circulars. The second way, commonly called The Magic Loop, uses one long (32-40 inch) circular needle. Both methods can be used on any circumference of knitting, enabling knitters to go from cuff to toe of a sock or brim to crown of a hat without ever having to change needles. Knitters should already be comfortable with knitting in the round or have at least tried it before class.

All needles should be US 7 or 8: two 24-inch circular needles, each of a different material if possible (such as one of metal and one of bamboo); one 32- or 40-inch circular needle of any material; and a few yards of smooth, plain, #4 (worsted) weight yarn, wool or wool-blend preferred.