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Thursday 08/09/2012, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Opening Day Spotlight only
Skirting's the Issue

Hand-knit skirts have been transformed. No longer are they just supporting players in the wardrobe of life. Now they deserve top billing. Otherwise, why bother?

And speaking of bother. . .are they? Think a skirt is just too much knitting? Surprise: A skirt is actually less knitting than most sweaters. And if you think a skirt might be a boring knit, let us show you a few that definitely are not!

Our panel of pros thinks today's hand-knit skirt is fabulous: memorable to wear, fun to knit, and a soon-to-be-essential part of travel, play, and daily wear. Skirts can be as varied as our body types and as lightweight as we choose, with endless design options: tiers, gores, hem interest, flared
a little or a lot. Choose to pocket, yoke, seam, or go circular. Pick an approach: top-down, bottom-up, or side-to-side. And we'll have some good skirt chat: to line or not, the vital measurements for fit, fiber and stitch options, and sneaky shaping. Join us and see why the issue is not whether to knit a skirt, but which one you'll make first!

Antje Gillingham, Brooke Nico, Candace Eisner Strick, Gwen Bortner, and Michelle Hunter, five fans of the knit skirt are sure to offer at least one you'll love, with ideas for even more.