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Friday 10/12/2012, 8:00 am - 11:00 am

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Sivia Harding

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Moonrise Necklace with Sivia Harding
This class starts with a riotous bead swap and ends with a beautiful, heavily beaded necklace that has been compared to a luscious garden of beads. Students will use lace-weight yarn and short-row garter stitch to create a very special and unique, as well as fun and easy to knit, neck piece.

30 yards of smooth, knot-free lace weight yarn, preferably in a silk or silk-blend (coordinate this yarn with your beads since some of the yarn will show), 2mm/US 0 double pointed needles (preferably bamboo), about 50 grams or 3/4 cup of mostly size 6/0 beads plus assorted other beads (please bring more than you will need, and some to share),
clasp (toggle, magnetic, or whatever sort of finding you prefer they are found in bead stores), dental floss threader (found in the dental care aisle at drug and grocery stores) or wire bead threader (found in bead stores), toilet paper or paper towel tube for winding beaded yarn. Please consider using a lighter color of yarn to help you see your stitches better.

Bead suggestions: seed beads (size 6/0), drop beads, daggers, cubes, magatamas, or any shape, size or texture that appeals to you. You may want to choose beads around a color theme for an effective piece. Large, heavy beads are not appropriate for this delicate necklace. If you prefer, a kit for the Moonrise Necklace is available from www.earthfaire.com and small 30 yd skeins of silk yarn are available from www.fineyardsilk.com.

Wind yarn into a ball, checking carefully for any knots. If there are knots, cut them out. You will need about 30 yards of knot-free yarn.