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Saturday 02/23/2013, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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Lorilee Beltman

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Pick Your Knits and Purls: Expanded with Lorilee Beltman
After checking our hand positions and fixing troublesome habits, we'll launch into using our Continental style to go beyond the knit and purl stitch. We'll learn ways to enlist 'helper' fingers to accomplish trickier maneuvers including increases, decreases, slip-stitch patterning, cables, lace, and bobbles. Each student will get individual attention. The goal is to cement your learning by having more time with the teacher's eyes on your hands, and to realize that all knitting maneuvers can be achieved in your new style.
Note: You must have taken Convert to Continental with Lorilee/Pick Your Knits and Purls (582-3) at either this event or a prior event.

50 grams of #4 (worsted-weight) yarn. Yarn must be a multi-ply wool, smooth, and colored lightly enough to see well. Yarn must not be single ply, acrylic, fuzzy (no mohair), splitty, dark, or thinner than worsted. One 4 or 4.5mm/US 6 or 7 slippery circular needle 24" long or longer. Gauge is not critical for class.

Swatch 1: Using the same material and needle you intend to use for class, cast on 24 stitches by any method. Work 2 inches in garter stitch (all rows knit), then switch to stockinette stitch (alternate 1 row knit and 1 row purl) for 2 inches, then switch to k2 x p2 ribbing and work 4 inches of ribbing. Bind off and bring swatch to class so Lorilee can identify whether or not you need help sizing stitches equally.
Swatch 2: Cast on 24 stitches by any method and work one inch in garter stitch (all knit). Do not bind off. Bring work to class on the needles.
Note: Students who have just taken the intro class are exempt from homework and can use their swatch from their intro class instead.