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Friday 02/21/2014, 8:30 am - 11:30 am


Gayle Roehm

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Japanese Sweater Boot Camp with Gayle Roehm
If you'd like to get started on a Japanese design that you love, and you're familiar with the graphic format of Japanese hand knitting patterns, these two days will give you a chance to make some real progress. Gayle will help with notation, sizing, symbols and any other problems that you've found. We'll do a quick review of key information and symbols, and work through the steps to resize for your personal measurements. You'll have time to make a good start on a sweater for yourself. Bring something you've always wanted to knit or choose from several free patterns that are available with permission.

Cable needle, sewing-up needle, note taking gear, crochet hook, yarn and needles to make your chosen design, tape measure with both metric and imperial measurements, calculator, ruler, pencil and eraser.

Choose a Japanese design that you want to knit. If you’d like to use a free pattern, Pierrot Yarns has given us permission to use their designs in class. You can find them at:


If possible, bring a good-sized (about 6” x 6”) swatch of your chosen stitch pattern in the yarn and needle size that you want to use. (If you’re not sure of your yarn, try to make a swatch in two or more possible yarns. It's best to choose yarn ahead of time, because there won’t be a market during Stitches ETC.)