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Saturday 04/13/2013, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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Gwen Bortner

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Skirt Design for All Shapes and Sizes with Gwen Bortner
Knitted skirts are not just for those with slender hips and model-sized dimensions. In fact, the nature of knitted fabric makes them perfect for all sorts of shapes and sizes. Learn the secrets to creating a skirt that will look good on YOUR body. Start with an exploration of fabrics to understand what works best and why. Next gather measurements needed to create a design, custom fit to your lower half. Finally, study skirt structures to see how to apply them to your own design. Leave class ready to design and knit the perfect skirt for your body.

Homework swatch, measuring tape, calculator, pencil, yarn from swatch.

Prepare a 6" x 6" swatch in the desired skirt stitch pattern. Please block swatch before coming to class.