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Saturday 04/13/2013, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Rick Mondragon

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Swatch Secrets with Rick Mondragon
When you begin a project there are questions that only a swatch can answer—so much more than the needle or crochet hook size required to get gauge. It is your preview and provides details that are invaluable later on in the project. Join Rick for an intimate look at swatches and swatching. Through practical application of technique and skill, analysis, and exploration, you will understand why a swatch is so crucial in knit design. Soon the swatch will be a welcome part of your knitting exercise.

Approx 100 yds each of #4 (worsted weight) yarn in two colors,
#2 (sport weight) yarn in two colors, and
variegated yarn (your choice); needles ranging in size from 3.5 to 6mm/US 4 to 10; crochet hooks in 3.25, 3.5 and 3.75mm/US D, E, and F

With a light-colored, worsted yarn and appropriate needle work the following swatches, (no need for a selvage treatment)
Swatch 1 Cast on 40 stitches and work 20 rows garter, then 20 rows stockinette, continue with 20 rows 1" x 1" rib, and then 20 rows 2" x 2" rib. Bind off in pattern. Swatch 2 With same yarn Cast on 40 stitches, and work 10 rows stockinette with needles used in previous swatch, work a purl ridge. Work 10 rows with needle 2 sizes smaller, work a purl ridge. work 10 rows with needle 2 sizes larger than first needle. leave stitches on needle. Swatch 3 Work a swatch in pattern, yarn and needle of choice. Bring remaining yarn. (This could be Cables, lace, slip stitches, fair isle, or intarsia) you are welcome to bring a variety of swatches for discussion. Swatch 4 Cast on 15 stitches and work 6 rows garter...leave on needles with ball of yarn attached. Swatch 5(not necessary if you do not crochet) With sport weight yarn and appropriate hook, Crochet a swatch of 40 stitches, and work 10 rows each of single crochet, half double , and double crochet. Note: this may seem like a lot of homework, but we want to explore as much as possible in our time together. Thanks, Rick