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Thursday 04/11/2013, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Rick Mondragon

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Opening Day Spotlight and Luncheon with Rick Mondragon
For knitters, it all begins with the swatch.

Actually, it begins with yarn, needles, and an idea.

New yarn or stash? Your idea or a pattern? No matter — you need to swatch.

And that swatch isn't just about getting gauge. It’s about entering a 3-D world where stitch pattern, color placement, silhouette, and even technique become active, going far beyond a sketch or a photo.

Swatches — a lot of them — are often all that separates you the knitter from you the designer.

Along the way when you ask, “What if?”, your swatch answers.

Your Swatch is talking, indulge your inner knitter, LISTEN. Learn to understand, respect, and love your swatch.
Join Knitter's editor, Rick Mondragon, as he shares his swatching process.