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Sunday 08/11/2013, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Franklin Habit

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Garter Jacquard: Garter Stitch Gone Wild with Franklin Habit
Poor, plain garter stitch. So often confined to the edge of the party, so seldom seen in anything but the same old blocks or stripes. But not today! Today, garter stitch breaks out into fully-fledged stranded color patterns, courtesy of an intriguing but little-known technique called garter jacquard. We’ll work charted garter jacquard patterns both flat and in the round, look at possible applications for it in sock knitting, and perhaps even chart our own patterns to play with.
Note: Previous experience of stranded (aka jacquard or Fair Isle colorwork) may be helpful, but is not essential.

Two balls of smooth yarn (Dale Baby Ull, St-Denis Nordique, Cascade 220, Cascade Heritage Sock, or similar) in highly contrasting solid or semi-solid colorways (weights between fingering and worsted will work well); knitters less familiar with colorwork may wish to select yarns at the heavier end of that range; 1 circular needle, about 24 to 36 inches in length, in a size appropriate to give a firm gauge in the yarn selected. (If in doubt, select needles one size smaller than those you would normally use for knitting the yarn you have selected.); stitch markers, scissors, notebook, pencils (not pens) and erasers for sketching and charting.