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Saturday 08/10/2013, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Janel Laidman

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Heel Construction for Toe Up Socks with Janel Laidman
It’s always nice to have socks that fit really well, and heel construction is a big part of fit. We will explore 3 different heel constructions for toe up socks that each have different properties. If you love knitting your socks toe-up, add these heels to your bag of tricks!
Note: Should be familiar with sock construction.

Homework, needles (DPN or circular) in the appropriate size for the yarn, pen and paper, calculator.

You may choose to work with sock yarn or if you prefer to use a larger grist yarn (up to worsted is OK) for these class samples.
Work 3 samples as follows: Using dpns or circular needles, cast on 48 stitches and join in the round taking care not to twist your stitches. Work 15 rounds of plain stockinette.
On one of your samples, please work a gusset as follows: Divide stitches into two sets, 24 instep stitches and 24 heel stitches. Round 1 Instep stitches: knit. Heel stitches: knit. Round 2 Instep stitches: knit. Heel stitches: knit 2, make 1 lifted left, knit until 2 stitches remain, make 1 lifted right, knit 2. Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until you have 24 instep stitches and 40 heel stitches. Leave your knitting on the needles ready for class.
If you don’t have 3 sets of needles, you can put some of your samples on waste yarn to hold them.
To work a make 1 lifted: Left: knit into the left leg of the stitch of the row below the stitch you have just finished knitting. Right: knit into the right leg of the stitch of the row below the next stitch to be knit, then knit the next stitch.