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Saturday 11/09/2013, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Daniel Yuhas

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Design Your Own Pi Shawl with Daniel Yuhas
The Pi Shawl is a great project for exploring center-out and lace knitting. Described by its un-nventor Elizabeth Zimmerman as having “absolutely no pattern,” the simple shaping of the Pi Shawl makes it supremely easy to customize your garment as you go to your heart’s delight. In this workshop, we’ll learn the architecture of the Pi Shawl, and pick out a lace pattern or two, then cast on and get knitting. We’ll learn the disappearing loop cast-on technique and magic loop method for working in the round. Class handouts will include several examples of lace patterns that work well with the Pi Shawl’s geometry, and you’ll also learn how to modify a lace repeat to suit your needs.
Note: Must be comfortable with lace knitting.

Smooth sock weight yarn in a light color - wool recommended (be sure to choose a yarn that will block). A complete shawl will use between 750 and 1500 yards of yarn, depending on size and your design. Size 8 or 9 circular needles at least 32" in length. Post-it notes, a pencil and eraser. A five-inch steel weaving needle (available from instructor for loan or purchase).
Optional: $2 for weaving needle used in class.