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Saturday 02/22/2014, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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Susanna Hansson

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Great Beginnings with Susanna Hansson
Is there a perfect cast-on for 1x1 ribbing? How do you cast on and create a picot edge at the same time? When might you want to remove your cast-on? Knitters often learn only one way of casting on. Different cast-ons create different edges and having several at your fingertips will enhance your finished pieces. We build on the classic long-tail cast-on and add several refinements, then move on to a crochet chain cast-on, ideal as a provisional cast-on. A tubular cast-on, using Japanese waste yarn, is perfect for a 1x1 rib. Finally we will work a sweet picot cast-on, perfect for a baby garment. With this class, your knitting will be off to a great start!
Note: You are expected to be familiar with the long-tail cast-on.

Small balls of smooth, #4 (worsted-weight or heavier) yarn in 2 contrasting colors (choose colors that contrast well and are not dark, Cascade 220 is a great choice); needles to work yarn at a gauge of 4.5 - 5 stitches/inch; a couple of stitch holders; a crochet hook to match the yarn and needles.

Please review the long-tail cast-on before you come to class. There is a great video at the top of this page: http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/cast-on Please practice until the moves come naturally to you but don’t worry about trying to remember any of the other information about the long-tail cast-on that’s included in the video clip.