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ETC Combo: Playing with Pick-up! (Package)

Go beyond the basics and weave more than plain weave on your rigid heddle loom. Let Deborah show you how to create decorative designs and textures in the structure of your woven fabric. Spend two days immersed in the joy of weaving with pick up sticks, learning to make additional sheds and manipulate your warp threads. Discover the difference between warp and weft floats and how to use them to create your desired patterns in a sampler. Try out lace patterns, honeycomb, waffle weave, and more. After learning a variety of patterns, see how the right finishing techniques really make your patterns pop! This sampler will be your basis for planning many beautiful future textiles. While weaving the sampler, students will learn various methods for finishing the ends, how to wet finish the woven pieces, and many tips for easier weaving. After you finish your sampler Deborah will walk you through planning future projects based on the patterns you like best.
Note: Students must be familiar with the rigid heddle loom and have taken a beginning rigid heddle weaving class or equivalent.

The ETC Combo package includes...

The Opening Day Program & Luncheon
The Fashion Show & Dinner
The Student Banquet & Student Fashion Show

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