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Sunday 04/13/2014, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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Edie Eckman

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Spreadsheet Savvy with Edie Eckman
Let your computer handle the math! Spreadsheets are perhaps the most powerful tool for a knit or crochet pattern writer or tech editor. In this hands-on introduction to spreadsheets, we'll use Microsoft Excel to learn the basics of how spreadsheets work, including naming cells, completing metric conversions, rounding numbers, and setting up basic formulas that calculate stitches, rows, stitch multiples and yarn amounts. You'll begin setting up a powerful, multi-use "calculator" that can save you hours of work.

Laptop (PC or Mac) loaded with Excel or OpenOffice Spreadsheet, power cord (if needed), pencil and paper for note-taking.

Make sure you know how to open and save an Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheet file; check that you have the latest updates for your version of Excel.

Watch the 2-part video found at www.edieeckman.com/sss-homework.

You should be ready to turn on your computer and start using Excel when class begins.