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Saturday 08/09/2014, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Jean Frost

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Knit It, Weave It with Jean Frost
Some people do not like to knit 'fancy stitches' or do color work. Perhaps just a break from a difficult project is what is needed. Learn several ways of weaving to add color or texture to plain stockinette or garter stitch fabric. We will use weaving techniques to produce beautiful designs, stripes or plaids which can be used as all over patterns or borders.

One ball of knitting #4 (worsted weight) yarn, wool preferred; about 25 yards of contrasting color yarn of equal weight; a yarn needle, crochet hook, and pencil.

Sharp scissors, notebook, pen or pencil with an eraser, stitch markers, blunt tapestry needles (large and small), flexible tape measure, small calculator, and needles & crochet hooks of various sizes.

Slip the last stitch of each row with yarn in front, and knit this stitch through the back loop at the beginning of the next row. Stockinette Stitch: knit one row, purl one row.
Swatch 1:
Using the ball of yarn and suitable needles, cast on 34 stitches and knit one row. Work 13 rows in stockinette stitch. Knit one row. Work 15 rows in stockinette stitch. Knit one row. Knit 19 rows in stockinette stitch. Knit one row. Next rows: 1. Knit. 2. Purl. 3. Knit. 4. Knit. Repeat last four rows 5 times.
With main color, Rows 1 & 3. K4 (p1, k4), repeat across row ending p1, k3, slip 1.   With main color, Rows 2 & 4. P4 (k1, p4),  repeat across the row ending k1, p3, slip 1. With contrasting color, work Row 5 as Row 1.
With contrasting color, work Row 6 as Row 2.
Repeat these 6 rows 2 more times. Then work rows 1 & 2 with main color. Knit one row with main color and bind off on next row.

Swatches 2 and 3:
Make two 4 inch squares in stockinette.
Block each piece.