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Thursday 08/07/2014, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Amy Herzog

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Sweater 'Boot Camp' with Amy Herzog
There’s so much more to sweater knitting than just the “knitting”, and this class gives you the tools you need to make your next sweater a smashing success. We cover all of the things that go into making a great sweater:

• How sweaters are constructed: The different construction styles, what they’re good for, and what kinds of bodies they fit best.
• Schematics: What they are and how they can help you. • What goes into a great swatch: The proper way to construct and “read” a swatch, measuring your gauge, and how to account for tricky fibers
• Fabric: What should your sweater fabric feel like? What makes a “good” fabric and how do you match it to design elements?
• Choosing the right size, and setting yourself up for fantastically easy modifications
• Different kinds of shaping: How they’re worked, what they accomplish, and when you need to add shaping to your sweaters
• When you can stray from the pattern: How to identify key elements vs. things you should feel empowered to “fiddle with”
• Finishing off your sweater: From blocking to seaming to edge treatments and more.

Student Q&A is a big part of the class, too, so bring your own questions to class, and let’s talk sweaters!

Please bring in a few different blocked swatches for fabric discussions and patterns you’re especially interested in discussing (optional).