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Thursday 08/07/2014, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Leslye Solomon

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Designing Sweaters from Side to Side with Leslye Solomon
Tired of the same old thing? Same old reality tv shows, that guaranteed back-up on the way home, the way you bake chicken, same antacid commercial during dinner and what's his name? Or maybe, your tired of the direction of your knitting? You know how we always 'cast on and rib' then 'work until piece measures...?' So, why not think about trying a new direction? Try knitting sideways!

It's really a simple process, although it might cause you to turn your head sideways. You already know the sweaters that start from the bottom and go up, some that start from the neck and go down, now, find out about knitting those sweaters from side to side. Sideways knitting gives us a chance to knit stripes, use multitudes of colors, place a line of texture, and do vertical Fair Isle. Learn how to map every stitch of this plan on a knitter's grid and design your own cuff to cuff cardigan, pull-over or vest.    

Bright colored pencil, straight edge, calculator, and an eraser.