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Saturday 10/11/2014, 8:30 am - 11:30 am
Saturday 10/11/2014, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Donna Druchunas

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Design Your Own Lace Stitches with Donna Druchunas
Eskimo women in Alaska have been knitting qiviut (musk ox down) into lace since the 1960s. We will examine their unique pattern stitches, inspired by Eskimo artifacts, and learn how to chart our own custom lace patterns by adapting designs from other art forms. We will start by charting a basic diamond using yarn overs, then we will study several types of decreases and learn how each decrease creates a different result with the same arrangement of yarn overs. We will also learn how to accentuate lace patterns with an outline stitch.
Each student will then design and chart several lace patterns, and knit a swatch of each to see does works and doesn’t work. Finally, we will review basic patterns for lace projects such as scarves, stoles, and ponchos. Each student will work on designing a project.

3.25 and 3.75mm/US 3 and 5 straight needles; 50-100 yards of sport-weight and lace-weight yarn in any animal fiber (light colors are best); stitch markers; basic knitting tools; pencil and eraser.

Sharp scissors, notebook, pen or pencil with an eraser, stitch markers, blunt tapestry needles (large and small), flexible tape measure, small calculator, and needles & crochet hooks of various sizes.