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Saturday 02/21/2015, 8:30 am - 11:30 am
Saturday 02/21/2015, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Lily Chin

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The Savvy Pick-up with Lily Chin
Many knitters have trouble picking up stitches from an existing knit piece. How many stitches do you pick up? Where do you pick up from?
Learn the answers to these issues. Then we'll continue, learn simple solutions for easing around curves. Make smoother transitions from cast-on edges. See how picking up stitches ahead of time can aid seaming! And get an idea for creative uses of picking up after the fact within the fabric.

Calculator; tape measure; several colors of #4 (worsted), #5 (chunky) or #6 (bulky) weight yarn and appropriate needles; double-pointed or circular needles of same size plus 1 or 2 sizes smaller; assorted crochet hooks around the same size as 2; straight pins like the kind used for quilting with large 'heads'; and all homework.

Use worsted/aran weight yarn throughout and appropriate needles (about 5mm/US size 8) to get about 4-5 sts/inch, knit the following swatches:
Swatch 1 Cast on 8 sts, work in stockinette stitch for about 30 rows, bind off. Swatch 2 Cast on 20 sts, work in stockinette stitch for about 1”, bind off. Swatch 3 Cast on 35 sts. Work a few rows in stockinette st ending ready to work a WS row. Next row: P11, bind off center 13 sts, p11. Attach separate strand of yarn to other side and working both shoulders at same time, bind off 3 sts from each neck edge once over next 2 rows, 2 sts over next 2 rows, then dec 1 st at each neck edge on next RS row and every other row 4 times total BUT at one shoulder only, work these dec’s one-st in from the neck edge (fully fashioned). Bind off rem 2 sts. Swatch 4 Cast on 12 sts. Work in stockinette for a few rows, end ready to work a RS row. Next row K1, k2tog, k to end. Next row P across. Rep these 2 rows until 5 sts rem, bind off. Swatch 5 Cast on 8 sts, work in stockinette stitch for about 20 rows, bind off. Cast on 15 sts, work in stockinette for about 1” ending ready to work a WS row, do NOT bind off but leave on stitch holder or scrap yarn instead. Swatch 6 Cast on 12 sts, work in stockinette stitch for about 4", bind off. Swatch 7 With DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES of same size as above, work 4" of I-cord. To work I-cord: Cast on 3 or 4 sts on one double pointed needle or dpn. * With another dpn, k across. DO NOT TURN WORK, always have RS or k side facing you. Slide all sts to right-hand end of dpn. String strand of yarn across back of work and rep from * until cord measures about 4", bind off. Tug on cord slightly lengthwise. This cord is similar to that made by 'knitting knobbies' and looks like small, circular tube. Bind off.