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Saturday 02/21/2015, 8:30 am - 11:30 am

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Anne Berk

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Intarsia Motifs: Design and Development with Anne Berk
This is the class where you do the designing! We will explore how to turn an idea, drawing, or photo into an intarsia chart that can be knit. Whether you prefer working with graph paper or software, the basics are the same.
You will make the chart, determine how much yardage is needed, and figure out how to make your design easy and enjoyable to knit. Learn how to design so you are confident before you swatch the motif. This will save time and energy later. Practical tips and tricks of design, use of charts, and copyright issues will be covered.
Note: Experience knitting intarsia is useful but not required.

Graph paper (knitter's graph paper is preferable), any motifs that you are interested in developing into knitting charts, measuring tape, knitting needles and yarn used for swatch or the same weight yarn as in garment

Stockinette swatch or garment with a field of solid stockinette at least 6" square will be used to plan the motifs.