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Thursday 02/19/2015, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Jill Bigelow Suttell

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Hooked on Knitting (Wong) with Jill Bigelow Suttell
Let's explore knitting as it was invented! Mary Thomas reported in her book the discovery of a half finish sock and five hooked needles in a 12th century Turkish tomb. Since early age until nowadays, knitting is done on hooked needles. Countries like Peru, Egypt, Turkey, Portugal among others still take advantage of a hooked needle to work. Andrea is going to teach you how to knit using knitting needles with hooks at the ends, show you the traditions of their use in different countries, and contrast advantages and disadvantages when knitting with them. A small project pattern will be given to you to practice as well.
Materials fee: $16 includes 1 set of hooked needles, one knitting pin, and a pattern.

1 skein of #4 (worsted-weight) yarn in light color.