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Thursday 02/19/2015, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Judy Pascale

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Wet Felt Versatile Pendants with Judy Pascale
Spark your creativity by making unique free-form shapes to enhance any slide or chain. Combining wet felting with jewelry-making techniques, the hidden magnet allows your contemporary piece to be very versatile. It can be worn around the neck but is also a closure for a scarf, shawl, or any clothing. Making sculptural shapes and adding beads or creating playful holes will have these pendants ranging from contemporary to sophisticated, and maybe just a bit 'chic.'
Materials fee: $10.00

2 hand towels, plastic bag for wet towels, plastic soap container, sharp pointed pair of scissors, **Felting Soap** (Judy will have soap and scissor to share if you need to)

**Felting Soap Choices **
Olive Oil Soap (Whole Foods or Health Food Store
Canus Goat’s Milk Soap or Dionis Goats Milk Soap

NOTE: If you have your own unique bead you want to use as a focal point please feel free to bring it.