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ETC Combo: Designing...The Art, The Science and the Fun (Package)

Part of the enjoyment of knitting is being able to wear what we make. What stops us from wearing what we make is that we don't take the time to know our bodies, understand what it takes to make things fit, and just how easy it is to find the secrets to our needs.
In this class, we will go from start to finish in understanding our bodies. Yes...we are going to take a fine look at shape, size, angles, and structure. We're going to figure out what we like and don't like about fit, style, ease and more.
Once we've figured out our bodies, we'll look at yarns and yarn choices, what yarns work and what yarns don't work as we experiment with stitch patterns.
As we bring this all home, we'll work on going from picture to reality as we put the talk, the theory, and the knitting to the test.
What makes this class even more fun is that we are a small group, and we will be able to talk in a very honest fashion about every part of knitting. We will work on things like shaping and what makes shaping work for our body. We will look at what types of stitch patterns help with our body style. We will share everything that works for us and we will learn together.

The ETC Combo package includes...
The Opening Day Program & Luncheon
The Fashion Show & Dinner
The Student Banquet & Student Fashion

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