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ETC Combo: Perfect Fit in Crochet (Package)

Perfect fit from the top down no matter what size you are. This garment will be customized, flattering and unique. Over 2 days, you will have the opportunity to construct a garment you will love to wear in any shape you desire. Explore the most familiar stitch in crochet and learn the technique needed to make it into a perfect fitted
stylish wardrobe essential. Take part in fashion show/dress up time to choose a garment style. If you are inclined, sketching will be involved and design elements, yarn choice, sleeve sizing, shaping techniques, and garment embellishment will be investigated. You will receive a workbook that can be completed in class as work progresses.

The ETC Combo package includes...
The Opening Day Program & Luncheon
The Fashion Show & Dinner
The Student Banquet & Student Fashion

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