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Saturday 02/20/2016, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Judy Pascale

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Seamingly Simple with Judy Pascale
Using the right technique to seam together a garment, vest, or the top of an arm sleeve into position will be 'seamingly simple.' Emphasis is on producing a smooth, nearly invisible, transition-a trick accomplished by selecting the most appropriate seaming process to join particular stitch patterns and to determine the precise location to insert the sewing needle for optimum results. Ultimately, the goal is to create the illusion that the garment was created in one continuous piece.

Bring small quantity of yarn in a contrasting color and yarn used for swatches for seaming.

For all swatches: Use a non-textured, light color yarn and needles to yield a fabric with 4 or 5 stitches per inch. Work 2 of each swatch
Swatch 1 Long tail cast on 16 stitches. (Leave yarn attached from cast on row for seaming on samples.) K1, p1 rib for 13 rows ending on wrong side, continue in stockinette stitch for 14 rows, ending on a wrong side,  work reversed stockinette stitch for 14 rows. Work seed stitch for 14 rows. Work garter stitch for 14 row. Bind off.   Swatch 2 Cast on 12 stitches. Knit back. Work 4 rows in stockinette stitch. Bind off. 
Swatch 3 Cast on 12 stitches. Knit back. Work 4 rows in stockinette stitch. Leave live stitches on needle. Make two.