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Sunday 02/21/2016, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Beth Whiteside

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KLITCH your Knits! with Beth Whiteside
Knotting, Lacing, Inlay, Twining, Couching (faux), Hemstitching: amp up your knitting with these 6 afterthought embellishing techniques! That single skein of pretty sitting in your stash can add pizazz to plain knitting (hand-made or store-bought!), cinch in a waist taper, or cover up an extended edging. You will practice all these techniques in class, as well as get ideas for using and developing them further. Come learn to KLITCH!

_70 yds #4 (worsted-weight) plain yarn in 1 color (A)
_50 yds in complementary color multi-color or handpaint (B)
_small amounts of embellishing yarns such as narrow ribbon, thick-n-thin single-spuns, handpaints
_needles appropriate for worsted weight yarn
_Crochet hook in the same size as needles
_Students MUST have large eye tapestry needle.

With A, cast on 30 stitches. Rows 1-16 Knit 4 rows; work 12 rows stockinette stitch. Rows 17, 20-21 [P2, k2] to last 2 sts, p2. Rows 18-19, 22 [K2, p2] to last 2 sts, k2. Rows 23-24 Work 2 rows stockinette. Rows 25-44 [Knit 4 rows; work 4 rows stockinette] twice; knit 4 rows. Row 45 Purl. Row 46 Knit. Rows 47-60  [Work 2 rows seed stitch, 2 rows stockinette st] 3 times; work 2 rows stockinette. Rows 61-68 [Work 2 rows seed stitch, 2 rows stockinette] 2 times. Rows 69-80 Knit 4 rows; work 4 rows stockinette; knit 4 rows. Row 81 K1, [wrap yarn around the needle twice between stitches, k1] to last stitch. Row 82 Dropping yarnovers off needle, knit (tug so extra length goes into stitches). Row 83-86 Knit. Row 87 Purl. Row 88 Knit. Row 89 K1, [yo, k2tog] to last stitch, k1. Row 90-91 Knit. Row 92 Purl. Row 93-94 Knit. Rows 95-100 Repeat Rows 89-94 once. Bind off.